Tell me, then: What manner of mage are you?

Oh, I'm sure no one will notice little old me, don't you worry.

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putting out milk for cats?

There's a recipe to a good hero. One part down to earth, one part selfless nobility, two parts crazy and you season liberally with wild falsehoods.
- Varric Tethras, Dragon Age II.

WHAT// Starry-eyed: I like stars and falling in love and being idealistic.
Blunder: Because I'm clumsy as hell.

IS// This is the art, writing and creative dithering journal of travertineskies; a harmless Uni student who enjoys sleeping in far too much. I'm interested in odd things like Japanese street fashion, my new anatomy drawing book, pretty pretty dresses, alternative rock music, 90's mainstream music, Visual Kei, kpop, Pokemon, Korean food, long rambling emails, sewing clothes, delicious tortured characters that like cats and whose eyes glow blue.

THIS// I started this journal mainly because I put all my Dragon Age II musings into a word document, and I got a nasty shock when I saw it all added up to 20 pages. I had written all that within a week.

I thought that the cause of getting low marks in Uni assessments may as well be put up in the public eye, so here's hoping you'll enjoy some of them. Some are rough, some are short, some are rambling, some are entirely too self gratuitous, but I'm just going to blame the emotional trauma of the game for that.

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