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30 April 2011 @ 05:33 pm
Drabble: This is how it all began.  
And this is how it started. Two drabbles in reaction to seeing Anders' and Fenris' first kisses.

It has spawned to well over 25 pages now.


It wasn't a chaste kiss.

It was desperate, a hungry meeting of lips, one as if he couldn't get enough. It questioned, it probed, it promised, it produced. He tasted of fire and water, of the barely controlled elements of his passion and he entwined his arms around her because to him she was his anchor, his one elusive grip on reality.

Maker, if only he had known she'd feel like this, solid warmth, a molten center of reflected desire pressed against him, he would have quenched the whispers, the misgivings. He would have ignored the unspoken gravity of his situation, just so he could have ignored those years of regret and hopelessness that plagued him in her constant company.

But as it was. She was in his arms, she was living, she was breathing. Never in his dreams had her blue eyes gazed at him in such unshielded affection, never had he felt the soft whisper of her lips as she touched his again in their oath of acceptance.


Like a lithe assassin, he stalked towards her, dark eyes searching, white hair crowning his face. His familiar face, always so torn with a mixture of anger and worldliness, it felt somewhat naked that she knew the brooding was directed at her. It fed off the... Certain encounters, between him and her.

Lyrium was not the magic, not the chemistry that burnt in the air between. It was nothing, nothing compared to the tension surrounding their bodies. Raw emotion bubbled through her veins and it was almost a sigh, a relief when she saw him snarl, felt his grip on her hips as he bodily threw her against the wall.

She had no time to recuperate nor fill her lungs as he covered her mouth in his, a vicious claiming of wet and warmth and oh Maker- he loved her with as much anger as with passion, and when she whimpered he only grew more aggressive, more commanding in his kiss. She was completely trapped in a physical and emotional web.

When her head started to spin, from lack of oxygen, or from the force of his kisses she couldn't tell, only then did he release her, and touch his forehead to hers in an eternal seal.
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