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07 May 2011 @ 09:59 pm
Me: So, it seems like all I need to do is go to University to find myself a Prince.
Mum: Why don't you?
Me: ...to be honest, all the guys are either not in my course, taken, or gay.
Ness: Right... Art school, huh. Oh well, you'll find someone eventually.
Me: -flaps hand- It's okay, I have Anders.
Ness: Anders isn't even...
Me: -thinks- She's going to say real, isn't she.
Ness: Worth it in the end. I mean, he -spoilers-, doesn't he?
Me: -blinks- Well, no. He's not quite human anymore...
Ness: Then why don't you go for Fenris?
Me: -blink-
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